Laurel (9 months)

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Talk about a pretty baby… Laurel was just the sweetest thing and WHAT A CUTIE!

  1. Karen

    Laurel and I really enjoyed our time with Anya. Anya is very sweet and warm. She has a great eye and really captured some true Laurel moments. My husband and I just took a look at the images and love them. He was like, “That’s so Laurel!” I totally agree. I know these are just a sampling and I am excited to see the rest. I would happily recommend Anya to my friends.

  2. Peggy Field

    What a cutie, even if she is my grand-daughter! This is one talented photographer to capture Laurel like this!

  3. Missy

    Oh my gosh! LOVE that first one with the mirror (I’m thinking it’s a mirror). A-MAZING! Thanks for stopping by my blog too!

  4. Tracy Glasgow

    Anya….these new pictures are awesome! I can’t pick a favorite. You did such a good job. I can’t wait for you to take pictures of our kids!

  5. Erin Cutts

    Love that first one!!!!

  6. Tiffany Welch

    What a darling! Love the interaction you caught.

  7. Elaine Gates

    wow!! just love the pearls and bubbles picture, beautiful work!

  8. Rachel

    Ohhh, what a cutie! Great images :)

  9. Allison Parker

    Love them all, but especially diggin’ the reflection! Beautiful work.

  10. Holli Dunn

    Love the reflection image! She’s adorable!

  11. lizet

    these photo’s are so sweet!

  12. Christy

    Gorgeous!!! Beautiful baby, beautiful pictures!

  13. Dorean Pope

    Love that mirror shot – really creative!