My Family and Me.

About the Photographer, the face behind the lens? Anya Coleman following her heart in 2008! I love to capture your moments and being a small part of your family.

I really want to talk about my passion for photography and a little bit about my business and history. One thing you will notice when we talk is that I am not from America originally. I am from Belarus, which is between Poland and Russia, north of the Ukraine. Our Primary language is Russian, and English is not easy to learn, So please be patient with me.
I came to America in July of 2006 and really love it here.

The main thing that turned my love of photography into a passion was the birth of my son Alexander. When I got a great picture of him it filled my heart. My husband noticed this and encouraged me to make a business of it. How much I love America where you can so easily chase your dreams and create a cherished treasure for people at the same time. My father is a photographer in Belarus and from him, I am sure I got my love of photography. He taught me the importance of getting close to capturing the emotions and fleeting expressions of people. At the same time this an exciting time to do photography because of the advances in digital tools like Photoshop.

I hope that you look and my gallery and that the images there appeal to you like they do to me and my other patrons. I would love to capture a moment of your families life. The details that only parents usually see, and some of the personality of my subjects. Then turn these moments into a truly valuable family treasure.

How quickly our children grow and those sweet smiles, giggles, pouts and frowns, even while you wish you could keep them forever. My hope is to save these moments and milestones through artful and creative photography.

Thanks for your time,