This week at?I Heart Faces,?they are having a ?Beautiful Eyes???Photo Challenge.

I thought is a bast baby photo for this challenge! This is one gorgeous little baby girl. ?Love her big brown eyes and cute little mouth, not to mention the chub! :0) ?She is a cutie for sure. ?This little girl is 8 months old, one of my VERY favorite ages to photograph, at this age they are sitting by themselves, and are so fun to interact with.

?Over the next few days I will be playing catch up on blog posts for all those parents who want the chance to have a sneak peek of their images, or who have seen them already but want to show them off to their friends and family. :0) ?I have been really busy but it has been lots of fun! ?I love all these gorgeous images, and I have more to show you all! ?I will contact you soon with your viewing galleries?



Baby PhotographyMost parents wait until their children start to crawl before baby-proofing the home — and they find themselves in a panic over all that needs to be done. “I recommend doing it before the baby is born and you’re too busy dealing with a newborn?to even think about childproofing- Baby Photography by Anya Coleman
Frisco Photography

Frisco Photography

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A typical Baby Photography session with me is relaxed, calm and probably unlike any other portrait experience you?ve had. I will never hurry you along and we can take all the time needed to be sure that we get a good sampling of portraits for you to choose from. ?Newborns / Baby ?and young children usually need the most time as they will often require comforting, soothing, snacks, etc. ? I like to let the bigger kids play and be crazy so we can capture their real personalities!

?If you would like to contact me regarding booking a session please use the contact forum above, and don’t forget to check out my websites to see more of my work. Thanks! -Anya


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