A little before and after editing takes the most time of a session.

People always look stunning with their flawless skins on portraits. With Photoshop I can adjust and tweak images that would otherwise be unacceptable. I’m also able to take an ordinary person that may not be having a great day (as we know happens allot when you’re 8 months pregnant) into someone with superstar qualities. Below are 4 great examples in showing the magic that my skills with Photoshop can do to enhance your images.

Something you must remember is that cameras do not see people the way people see other people, except maybe a one eyed person. When we see each other or even look ourselves in the mirror, we not only see the physical substance of ourselves but we also see the emotional embodiment of ourselves. These perceptions get added to our visual interpretation of ourselves and the ones we love. I always do my best to do things that add these positive emotions back into the cold gaze of the camera.

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Maternity photography

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