Newborn baby Gage

There are different things to appreciate about children at all ages, and somehow?every time I work with them I rediscover my love for them.


Photographing newborns takes the longest and requires patience, but it’s all worth it because this is such a fleeting time and they change so quickly. A brand new baby is a little miracle for me, and capturing this singular moment is both meaningful and precious. Newborns session are also fun because I get to be very creative most of the time. ?Coming up with unique ways to use props to add color or texture, and experimenting with the position the baby is lot’s of fun.

Six Months

At six months babies are also a challenge to photograph but for different reasons. Sometimes they sit there and smile and can?t crawl away. Other times they are like speed demons requiring a constant?corralling. ?But they?have?that smile and twinkle in their eye that steals your heart away.

One Year

I am always thrilled to capture the personalities of one year olds. I especially love it when I get to photograph a child that I had previously photographed as a newborn. I love seeing how they develop over time. I love children and I cherish the images I have of my own son, and love the fact that I get to create the same for other parents.

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This handsome young man is just adorable.


To get the best photographs of your newborn baby it’s best if they are under two weeks old. Once they hit that two week mark they become more active and harder to get to sleep. I have done ?newborn? sessions with babies up to 5 or 6 weeks old but it is much more difficult to get those great peaceful pictures of the baby sleeping at that point.

Of course all babies are different. They all have different personalities, which makes every session unique and special. A sleeping baby will help your session go a little smoother no matter what pose you are going for.