Who doesn?t love Baby and Newborn Photography, one of the most challenging and time consuming types of photography?

Meet today’s sweet little man:? GAVIN.

Grrrr… it’s a bear! ? He clocked in at an impressive 9 pounds, 11 ounces. Quite bear-ish, I would say, but the sweetest teddy you could ever imagine.? Really – how gorgeous is he?? I mean, look at that head of hair, that mouth,? those cheeks.? I’ll admit, I?m a little bit in love with baby David Bear.

Dallas Newborn Photography

Dallas Newborn Photography

Frisco / Plano Newborn Photography

Dallas Newborn Photography

The concept of posing newborns has been catching on in recent years, which I welcome, though I also warn. Through my career in baby and newborn photography, I’ve seen a lot of very unsettling practices when molding shaping babies’ little bodies. While I love searching for new ways to get that perfectly adorable shot, we who work in this field can never forget that the baby’s safety must be of the greatest importance at all times.

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Anya Coleman Newborn Photography

Servicing the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, including Frisco, Plano, Allen, and Carrollton.

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