Some people think that with today’s cameras you can effortlessly take great pictures of newborns or other subjects, that it’s as easy as can be. This is simply not so. Even if you set up your lighting just right, even if your exposure is perfect, you will always have a fundamental issue:? Cameras see light differently than we do. They don’t have a brain to add all the love. When you’re a new mom, you will see your baby in a way that no camera can capture. You see them with filters of love and wonder. If I could find those filters to fit on a camera, I would be a very happy photographer.

An image of a newborn with the from camera on the left and retouched image on the right.

I spend a lot of time smoothing out skin and making images appear the way we Moms see. Some people think that goes against reality, but I think that nothing is further from the truth. The reality is, your baby is special and deserves to be remembered and captured in a way that reflects how we see them in our hearts. We don’t see the imperfections, and we certainly don’t see the way a camera does. This is the difference between art and reportage. With my art I attempt to pour love back into the picture. My goal is to capture not only the baby, but how we feel about them in this beautiful time. That takes love, artistry, and a true caring for the photographs I make for my clients.